Usage Protocol

The Bologna Laboratory for Experiments in Social Sciences makes its laboratory facilities and its list of potential participants for recruitment available to the researchers of the University of Bologna and to others who request it. To use BLESS you must apply to Professor Natalia Montinari, by filling out the request form. Those who use BLESS commit to:

  • Avoiding any false information about the rules of interaction or payment (no deception rule).
  • Guaranteeing a minimum payment to all invited volunteers who show up on time; in particular, also to volunteers who exceed the number of slots available for the session.
  • Obtaining the informed consent form from all participants
  • In case ORSEE has been used to recruit participants, updating participants data on the software ORSEE
  • Acknowledging in any scientific report and article that sessions were conducted in the Bologna Laboratory for Experiments in Social Sciences
  • Avoiding any situation that could damage the BLESS reputation with respect to experiment participants
  • Reporting problems or suspected malfunctioning

BLESS was made possibile thanks to the financial support of a Starting Grant from the European Research Council, 2010-2014, FP7-IDEAS, grant no. 241196.